The Doubleclicks’ Brand New Video for ‘Now is The Time’

Our friends, the musical duo, The Doubleclicks, wrote a song and have a brand new video inspired by Piper Perish and as you can imagine, I’m completed stoked about it. The Mary Sue even shared it with the world today!

We also talked all about art and creativity and the book here:

Check out the YouTube link to the video:

And if you love The Doubleclicks like we do, guess what? They have a new album coming out. ‘Now is the Time’ will  appear on the Doubleclicks’ forthcoming album “Love Problems.” The album is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign going on now. The project has already reached its initial $35,000 goal with over 1,000 supporters, but more goals, including the creation of more podcast episodes, are still upcoming. They’re up to $46K as of now! Want to be a part of the action? Click here!

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