ALA’s Booklist reviews ART BOSS!

I’m so happy to share this 2nd ART BOSS review, this time from Booklist. Thank you, American Library Association.

Art Boss
By Kayla Cagan

Oct. 2018. 348p. Chronicle, $17.99 (9781452160375). Grades 9-12.
REVIEW. First published July 18, 2018 (Booklist Online).

“A great read for any artist aspiring to greatness.” –Booklist

Picking up where Piper Perish (2017) left off, this book finds the young artist Piper in New York City. She has successfully escaped humdrum Texas, but that doesn’t mean her challenges are over. The city is overwhelming, phantasmagorical in how different it is from Piper’s Houston home. To master the working-artist lifestyle, Piper has to balance the vibrant chaos of New York’s social scene with ground-level realities (the expense of living, navigating egos without crushing your own). Ultimately, Piper learns that attaining one’s dream isn’t the biggest challenge—it’s keeping that dream alive once you attain it. Cagan once again uses the vehicle of a diary to unfold Piper’s life, employing a stream-of-consciousness technique to show readers the highs and lows of Piper’s day-to-day life. The book is also a love letter to New York, told through the lens of new experiences and revelations. This is an automatic pick-up for fans of the previous book and a great read for any artist aspiring to greatness.

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