ART BOSS Update & Book Events for Fall 2018!

Hi Friends,

As you probably know by now, ART BOSS is officially out in the world (!!!) and I’m doing my best to get around and share it with you in real life and not just on our screens. I hope we’ll be able to meet up!

It also’s a #1 New Release over at Amazon. (If you read and liked Art Boss, I’d love it if you wanted to leave a review over at the Big A. It helps with website placement algorithms *cough cough potential sales* and also my tiny, delicate, porcelain-like, fragile author ego. ha ha.)

Here’s a mini-collage from the ART BOSS launch in Los Angeles. It was a really fun night filled with friends, art talk, Village Pizzeria pizza, and Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. (You might remember them from their cameos in SATC.)

It’s been an awesome week of reconnecting with pals and book lovers and getting motivated to put some good out in the world. I’m ready to read and write and get creative again. What about you? ❤️


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