🎧 Listen in: Radio Shows edition! 🎧

Hi Y’all!

I’ve been living the dream – chatting up morning radio show hosts about my debut novel, PIPER PERISH. I’m NOT a morning person but I did grow up listening to any and all shock jocks (93Q Zoo Morning Show, anyone?) when I was getting ready for school and work. I was hoping for a lot more fart jokes and ribald political comments in our interviews, but alas, we kept our chats smart and rated PG!  I’m now an avid NPR listener and it’s been great to talk to affiliates and independents all over the country. A few of the stations recorded our interviews for their blogs and sites.

Here’s some fun ones to check out!


Get The Funk Out on KUCI:

Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb:


102.7 KTOE Spotlight Interview:




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